Journeys: How Winn-Dixie Changed My Life

Life wasn’t easy when I was in my late teens. I was 17 and completely lost. I was sleeping all day and awake only at night, a soon to be high-school dropout fighting depression and the realization that I was gay. Therapy was gradually helping me out, but there were many days when the thought of living life as gay man would churn my stomach. Those days were extra dark, mostly spent staring at the ceiling, contemplating the best way to end my life. Sometimes I’d be on the phone well into the night and early morning, talking to one of the few friends I had. Unfortunately, she was also suicidal and shared a very dark place. Instead of lifting each other up, we’d compare notes on the best and least painful ways of making it all go away. My mom picked up the phone once and overheard the conversation. Unable to process what was going on in my life, she started yelling at me… screaming… words of desperation… saying I was “sick” and then she broke down crying. Mom was fighting her own demons, trying the best to raise us without our father around, while her youngest son, her baby, was slipping through her fingers before her eyes.

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Amazing Reading, Amazing Woman.

Brett Butler

You never know in life who you’ll cross paths with. The Universe has a way of surprising us at times, with the most far reaching of possibilities, and making them a reality. When it happens you’re often dumbfounded, contemplating the finite details and cosmic planning that went into creating this introduction, a clear orchestration of some intelligence beyond our own. Such is my story of how I recently met Brett Butler, and the most emotional, enjoyable, funny and validating hour of conversation I’ve had in recent memory. To say this made an enormous impact on me would be an understatement, which can make it difficult to put into words, but I’ll do my best to share my experience of the best psychic reading I’ve ever had.

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Ms. Cleo And Me

I still remember the phone call that every actor wants to get, your agent letting you know your audition was a success and you got the job. It was my first TV commercial and I was beyond excitement. I had to immediately call my acting coach Ms. Panaro, since I had just completed her eight week TV commercial course in Miami Beach. Surely I was the first student in my class to get a job. “I’m happy for you RobĂ©rt,” she said with her New York accent making it’s presence known, “but you know my religious background so I’m not exactly thrilled about the content.” Yes, the content, how could I forget? Indeed it was sort of shady but holy shit I was going to be on television!

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I Think We’re Alone Now

Sometimes the perfect moment comes completely unexpectedly and those are probably the best and most memorable. It’s one thing when you’ve planned out an event, like a nice dinner at home with your partner, with nice wine and romantic music playing in the background… and completely different when the Universe blesses you with perfection with little or no notice. Last October, this sort of divine recipe came together complete with perfect weather, perfect wine, perfect food and Tiffany.

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