More About the Geek


Hey there and welcome to my blog. I’ve been using online communication since the early 80’s and even ran my own bulletin board system (BBS), which could actually serve the purpose of a blog, except you had to dial in with a modem. So it’s really weird that it would take me so long to actually do the blog thing since I love to write, and I love technology and science. Among too many other things.

So who am I? I don’t know yet but as soon as I figure that out, you’ll be the first to know. I think that’s actually one of the reasons I decided to put this blog together. Maybe it’s the digital version of a mid-life crisis. After all I’m 46, about 32 years or so after I owned my first computer.

I guess I can start out by explaining my site name, “Geek With Muscles.” I totally identify myself as a geek or even a nerd. Since I was a kid I’ve loved science and nature, and I was convinced that I would be an entomologist. I would spend hours playing with bugs, especially ants, bees and wasps. Getting stung was no big deal, and I actually still remember my first wasp and bee stings. They were totally cool a right of passage. Teachers also tended to really like me and I was really bad in sports. Of course that made me a target for bullying, and being the skinny kid I was, I didn’t have many defenses other than my brain. At least I didn’t get beat up or anything….. yet.

One day, while in six grade reading class, I did what can best be described as a stand up monologue. This totally came to me impromptu and my teacher, Ms. Gregg, made a point of telling me I should pursue drama because I was a natural. So I did just that. I joined a drama club in church and received the same advice from Ms. Britany, “You’re so good!” she would shout all the time. That led to me taking drama in junior high, and now I was a super theater science geek. The perfect target for being pushed around, shoved to the ground and occasionally threatened by other kids. It was also around that time I was introduced to computers and I wanted to be a bad ass geek like Matthew Broderick in WarGames.

Years later in college I would be required to take a phys ed type course as part of my core requirements. The idea of returning to the very environment where so many incidents of bullying occurred in my life churned my stomach. However, I decided to try a course called “conditioning” and met someone that would change my life. Coach Summons kicked our asses four days a week during the summer while giving us the tough love we all associated with the military. Suddenly I began to feel better about myself and my self confidence grew. I discovered a love for fitness and exercise.

this magazine cover inspired me to make a gym schedule I still follow today

So wait, there’s bugs, I wanted to play with bugs my entire life. But then there’s acting, I loved being on stage and eventually acted professionally. I loved the look and feel of a computer screen and could easily stay up all night calling other computers. Oh and I forgot to mention that my dad’s friend lent him a betamax camera and I filmed myself doing stupid stuff…. and realized I was gay. Did I mention MRI? Yeah I wanted to be an MRI tech because I saw one of the first ones in a hospital I volunteered in… oh yes, volunteering, another passion, 17 years at a zoo.

I think you see where I’m coming from now. I’m still learning about all these things and even discovering more. I used to think something was seriously wrong with me until I discovered a TED Talk by Emilie Wapnick only a couple of years ago. She explained that I’m what she calls a “multipotentialite.” Someone with a lot of varied interests. So while I no longer worry about my mental state, I still don’t know what I am. I’m not sure I ever will. Hell, I figured I’d share my journey with some of you out there. Maybe give you something to read while enjoying your coffee.


Mike – The Geek With Muscles