Aiyana Angeni Gonzalez – The Journey Inward

I first met Aiyana during COVID, she was the appointed Chairwoman of the newly formed LGBTQ+ Advisory Board in Miami-Dade County and I was responsible for operating their Zoom meetings.   County government buildings were closed at the time, so I would be running the meetings in the background with my video off and muting microphones as necessary. Sometimes this meant telling the board members there was someone waiting to speak, we couldn’t hear them, and things of that nature.   Before these meetings would start for the public, my camera would be active and we’d all chat and catch up.  Aiyana was always super friendly and she actually introduced me to concept of being “mindful” one day as she lead the board members on a group mindfulness meditation (which was met with some not so nice criticism afterwards).   A year later I was able to meet Aiyana in person, and her light was plainly visible… she was a kind and loving soul, working towards her degree in social work.  

Four months after meeting Aiyana, I was hospitalized with COVID and placed on oxygen 24/7. Aiyana learned of my situation and started the October 2020 board meeting by leading the members in prayer for me.   I can’t tell you how much that moved me emotionally while I was in the hospital, not knowing if I was going to ever make it home or succumb to the fate so many others did.   She would text me in the hospital and ask how I was doing, and was just an all around amazing human being.  I loved watching her during board meetings, she set the tone for this new government body to be that of great compassion, service, and love for all.   It was a very high bar she raised, and sadly I don’t think it’s been the same since her term was up.  Aiyana was a firecracker, and she often encountered a lot of resistance in her position.

As far as I know, Aiyana discovered she had cancer shortly after leaving her position as chairwoman at the board.   She continued to maintain her amazing and positive outlook on life, meditating and affirming to extend her time here on Earth. Aiyana spoke openly on Facebook about her love for the Universe and the light within, and how she would never give up fighting the disease that had spread through her body. She was actually well versed in healing modalities and she listed herself as a “Emotional And Intuitive Healer” on LinkedIn.   During her illness, she unfortunately encountered financial difficulties and setup a GoFundMe page, which not surprisingly, well exceeded its goal of $7,000.    Everyone that met Aiyana could easily see her light… she didn’t let those that looked down on her for being transgendered dim the brightness in any way. 

Recently I learned that Aiyana had passed into the non-physical through the cruelty of online social media… it broke my heart to suddenly discover her physical presence was gone, and along with it opportunities to reconnect with her. However, I quickly realized that she was no longer fighting and that she was finally “living.”  She was now surrounded by absolute pure and unconditional love, and she could be exactly who she is without fear or judgement.    Her body was no longer present to betray her true essence, the light being that is everything Aiyana truly IS. I am so grateful for being able to know her, for being able to see her courage and determination… for being witness to her radiance.   She was an amazing soul and today I just honor her life with so much love.    

While doing research for this blog post, I discovered Aiyana wrote this statement on her LinkedIn page, it’s truly a testament to who she was…

Living life with Conscious Intention is a defining statement that exemplifies who I am. Leaning over to smell the roses, tasting the richness of life, and dancing with everything that comes my way. I choose to live by embracing the fullness of life and every experience that I meet along my path by sharing who I am with others to inspire healing, change, and transformation. Smiling into the hearts of those around me as to remind all that they too can smile. Speaking with a strong voice as to remind those around me that they too have a voice. For me, life is about taking action and being an example of what has contributed to my joy of life and then giving back to the Universe from a grateful heart.  


Let’s share our worlds together. Let us laugh, and cry, and embrace our totalities so that our actions can show what love and acceptance are all about. Let us demonstrate what two separate, different individuals can achieve in a spirit of celebrating the oneness that we are. Let us stand together and be heard. Not by being loud and vociferous, but by walking together silently as we are guided by Love through the garden of life. Let our strength be the voice of change.

Above all else, Aiyana’s time here on Earth was an example for all of us to live by. Aiyana took a journey that many of us avoid… she traveled inward. Aiyana did the shadow work and realized her truths and once she did, there was no stopping her. This is what true spirituality is all about, finding what is needed within ourselves. Some may explore the mysteries of the Universe, the stories and legends that produce goose bumps, but all the beings and concepts you encounter will point you in the same direction… looking within. You may journey to the top of the proverbial wise man on top of the mountain and he will say to you that the trip wasn’t necessary at all, because the truth was inside of you all along. It doesn’t matter if it’s the great and powerful Oz telling Dorothy she had the answers the entire time in the Ruby Slippers she wore, or a mystical shaman deep within tropical jungles… the answer is always the same. And when Aiyana discovered her truths and she let everyone know the way, it became her time to ascend to greater heights where she could do even more important work. We should all be lucky enough to experience finding our inner truth as Aiyana did.

Fly free my amazing friend, nothing can stop you now. Blessed be.