I Support You

I support you, and everything you stand for
I support you, and so want you to soar

Flying high, with pride and so much light,
Flying high, always fighting the good fight.

I support you knocking door to door,
I support you when you’re tired and crying on the floor.

I’m sorry I can’t march in your parade,
I’m having breakfast with friends, those plans have been made

I’m sorry I can’t cast a ballot in honor of you,
I’m enjoying a little extra money, and bills not being past due

I’m sorry you’re scared and they just turned you away,
I’m sorry they despise you and beat your friend today

I support you, yes I really do
I support you, I just said I love you

I support you in every way I can,
Just don’t question my allegiance, to the white and orange man.

Mike Robert