Becoming The “Official” Geek With Muscles

So this is about never giving up, and how the Universe taught me something huge the other day. I started an online blog in 2017 with hopes that someday people would be reading it. While there were times I felt that barely anyone was looking at my lonely little spot in cyberspace, I kept writing regardless. I felt that at least once a month I needed to spit something out to keep my blog going, and that wasn’t a problem since I was always inspired to “put my shit out there.” Years later with managing Digital Soulspace on an a daily basis it’s much less than that, but I still write for my blog when I feel the urge to say something important. I always wished that one day you’d be able to google “The Geek With Muscles” and I would show up… alas there are lots of geeks out there and lots of pictures of muscles, and google wasn’t taking my little site too seriously. I was just a blip of activity on sites that see tens of thousands of hits daily.

Shortly after creating my blog my amazing friend Nzinga texted me and said “You need to do a podcast.” This resonated so much with me at the time and literally within days I had the equipment I needed (thank you Amazon) and my first episode was streaming. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew people liked hearing me talk (minus the ex-husband 🤣🤣🤣). Once again I didn’t know who was actually listening, but I was out there for the Universe to direct people towards it… I did the same for a YouTube Channel I created. I just put crap out there, no matter if I thought it was great or not. Even when I received some pretty discouraging news from someone prevalent in the industry about my content, I just kept doing it. He could go 🖕🏽himself for all I cared.

Sometimes there were very few steps, sometimes I was running… but I was always moving forward. Years were gonna pass anyway, so I might as will stick with it while they did… and it paid off.

The other day I noticed that when I googled “Abraham Hicks Hot Seat” my blog article was still one of the first results to appear after their own website… and then the same with “Brett Butler Psychic” …my blog was in the top five returned results. This made me curious so I decided to google “The Geek With Muscles,” something I hadn’t done in years. I was shocked what came back… I was EVERYWHERE. My picture, my blog, my podcast… it was all there. I had literally become THE geek with muscles on Planet Earth… it wasn’t just my name, it was a fabulous designation!

While my geek persona doesn’t earn me any money, and Anthony Rodriguez was quick to point out that I needed to keep my fitness lifestyle going because I couldn’t be “The Geek That HAD Muscles,” something really stuck out… I never gave up. I kept doing what I loved and that led to something I considered huge… I had officially become “The Geek With Muscles.” Everything I had done, no matter how poignant or not, was a step forward. Sometimes there were very few steps, sometimes I was running… but I was always moving forward. Years were gonna pass anyway, so I might as will stick with it while they did… and it paid off.

So here’s the deal and the lesson I learned last week… never stop doing what you love even when it doesn’t look like it’s getting you anywhere. If it doesn’t make you money, then do something else at the same time that pays the bills, but don’t stop. You can even start something new like I did when Spirit gave me the huge download to create Digital Soulspace. Just keeping your passion alive and going, no matter how long it was since you last did it. One day you might realize you reached a milestone you never thought would happen, and that’s soooooo much more valuable than anything money can buy. Those “I DID IT!” moments are the kinds of feelings you get to take with you when you leave the planet. Make 2024 the year you don’t stop.

Mike Robért – The Official “Geek With Muscles” 🤣🤣🤣


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