Amazing Reading, Amazing Woman.

Brett Butler

You never know in life who you’ll cross paths with. The Universe has a way of surprising us at times, with the most far reaching of possibilities, and making them a reality. When it happens you’re often dumbfounded, contemplating the finite details and cosmic planning that went into creating this introduction, a clear orchestration of some intelligence beyond our own. Such is my story of how I recently met Brett Butler, and the most emotional, enjoyable, funny and validating hour of conversation I’ve had in recent memory. To say this made an enormous impact on me would be an understatement, which can make it difficult to put into words, but I’ll do my best to share my experience of the best psychic reading I’ve ever had.

I’m a huge fan of the HBO series The Leftovers. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this metaphysical, emotional rollercoaster of a drama, it centers around an event called “the departure.” This sudden occurrence, which happened in the blink of an eye, caused two percent of the world’s population to suddenly vanish without a trace. Some thought it was the biblical rapture, while others looked for a more scientific explanation. Unfortunately, the series concluded its third and final season this year, making amazing use of the time to indulge the viewer with amazing performances and some unexpected appearances. One of which was Brett Butler, as the wife of a man that chose to spend his days and nights on top of a pillar, awaiting for the end of days. When I saw Brett on the screen, I instantly recognized her and was blown away by an extremely believable and raunchy performance. As a teenager I was a fan of her hit tv show, Grace Under Fire, her stand-up comedy, and also well aware of her struggle with addiction, something she was very open about in the media. It was great to see her after all these years, her presence adding the perfect touch to the show’s final episodes.

Brett Butler rocks her performance in HBO’s “The Leftovers.”

Only two days later, in a spiritual based group I belong to on Facebook, the founder of the group mentioned Brett Butler and how she’s not only a friend, but a psychic medium as well. I’m huge believer in synchronicity and the Law of Universal Attraction, so I knew this was meant for me. I had recently put the intention out there that I wanted a psychic reading and was looking for the right person to do it. Suddenly, the Universe shows me someone I hadn’t seen in probably ten years, twice in two days. I immediately went to Brett’s website, and booked a reading. It’s not something I even had to think about, it was a completely spiritual knee jerk reaction. Cosmic planning at its best.

A week later Hurricane Irma decided to pay a visit to Miami and with all the pre and post storm anxiety, I had completely forgotten about my reading until I received an email from Brett’s website confirming an available time slot. I was filled with excitement and it was a great way to celebrate my electrical power recently being restored! Hours before the reading, I decided to prepare my space by lighting candles, burning incense and lighting oil lamps for Durga, Lakshmi and Ganesha. For those of you that don’t know, I practice a little bit of several religions, this being my Hindu side of things. Ringing a bell after lighting the lamps, is a practice taught to me by a wonderful co-worker from India, the high sound vibrations clearing the air of lower energies. It was an amazing feeling but I was also very nervous, like a kid before Christmas morning, anticipating the gifts I was about to receive.

The phone rang at nine pm sharp and I eagerly answered it. I recognized the voice on the other end instantly, it was Brett Butler. She has this tone where you can hear her smile and the energy associated with it makes you relax and feel at ease. Almost instantly she began to validate my spiritual path and where I was headed on this journey I consider very much a part of who I am. She began to speak of my grandfather and knew of his connection to me, even though he died before I was born. I became extremely emotional as I could distinctly feel the love from my grandfather as Brett validated his very special bond with me, something my mother speaks of on a regular basis. My grandmother also came forward, and in typical fashion, expressed her discontent with the way I had been treated by other family members, my sexuality being an issue for many on my mom’s side of the family. Once again, this sense of being surrounded by love and light could be felt and it continued through much of the reading. She asked if I had been “ringing bells” and that floored me, but offered even more validation that this reading was special and warranted my full attention.

You probably don’t think of a psychic reading as being funny but hell it’s Brett Butler and she’s a gifted comedian. This added the most amazing sense of comfort, almost like old friends gabbing on the phone. She had me in stitches one moment and crying the next, feeling like I could completely be myself, and I just became absorbed in the reading and everything she had to say. Her knowledge in the area of metaphysics is truly impressive and I’ve already began reading some titles she recommended for me. I couldn’t believe how natural it felt discussing topics that some might find a little out there, but it was just as if we were discussing the best way to grow hydrangeas. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a little difficult to describe such a unique and profound experience.

I woke up this morning feeling really great about myself, feeling as though I knew more about my purpose in life and the role I have on this Earth walk. It’s just simply jaw dropping how setting an intention and surrounding it in light, will yield such wonderful results. The Universe, the creator…God, has some pretty amazing plans for us if we just let it happen and stop questioning everything. I’m really blessed to have had this interaction with a truly gifted woman, another example of a multipotentialite and light worker, filling the world with wisdom, insight, laughter and love.

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