Taking A FaceBook Vacation

Sunset in the Florida Everglades

When’s the last time you had a vacation? Before you start describing your most recent trip to a far off place dotted with palm trees or ancient buildings, let me be more specific… when’s the last time you vacationed from FaceBook? You know, that wonderful destination you hold in your hand that you escape to while on the train, laying on the couch or even dare I say in the bathroom? When’s the last time you dared to disconnect from all the noise, the pictures of friends enjoying dinner without you, the cat videos, the ads for things you’ll never use, the secret data miners collecting analytics designed as clever surveys, and the people you didn’t realize were Trump supporters? Have you ever even thought of it?

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The Piscean Prison

Being a Pisces can be a bitch. Plain and simple. As I get older it seems it just gets harder and harder to deal with the outside world and all of the horrors available to us through social media and news outlets. Pisces are idealistic lovers, we quite literally love love. We love everything about love and everything about being in love. We love people we don’t even know and we can smother those we do with so much love that they run away. And it doesn’t stop there. Since we love to spread love so much we become paranoid when we may have not spread the love inadvertently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost sleep thinking I said or did something to someone that hurt their feelings or pissed them off. The idea of intentionally hurting someone, or stepping outside of the “love” zone really turns our world upside down.

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