The Piscean Prison

Being a Pisces can be a bitch. Plain and simple. As I get older it seems it just gets harder and harder to deal with the outside world and all of the horrors available to us through social media and news outlets. Pisces are idealistic lovers, we quite literally love love. We love everything about love and everything about being in love. We love people we don’t even know and we can smother those we do with so much love that they run away. And it doesn’t stop there. Since we love to spread love so much we become paranoid when we may have not spread the love inadvertently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost sleep thinking I said or did something to someone that hurt their feelings or pissed them off. The idea of intentionally hurting someone, or stepping outside of the “love” zone really turns our world upside down.

Of course this all goes to shit when we’ve been hurt beyond the point of no return. Pisces love to forgive and forget and get back to the business of loving, but there comes a time when we’ve been burned so much that there’s no going back and we shut down. People are so used to seeing us in a good mood, that when we withdraw into ourselves it’s almost like the sun has stopped shining. We share our pain in ways that spreads discomfort to others. Our internal darkness is deep and intricate. We explore it at times with almost with great curiosity, lurking in the shadows, feeling safe from the world, comforted by our own pain… because it’s familiar to us. Many times it takes other Pisces, skilled in the process and geared up with safety harnesses and rope, to meet us down in the caverns of our soul to pull us out of despair.

Pisces love art and see it in the every day. We often see it in things most people take for granted, and as such, are subjected to additional misery when it’s destroyed. It’s hard to walk down a city street as Pisces, among so many people that are ignoring the unique creations that surround them, the sky, a single flower trying to survive, the beauty of a wrinkled face that suddenly smiles…. all great works of art. We look at people as they walk by and wonder about their lives, we send them secret blessings and messages of love, we hope their day will improve. We get lost in the all the romanticizing and are probably often killed by moving vehicles, our minds elsewhere as we bounce of the hood of a sports car driven by a Scorpio talking on their mobile phone.

It’s really important for Pisces to stay centered and grounded right now, because there’s a whole lot of “non-love” things going on in the world. I try not to watch the news, stay away from it all, and it works at first. I begin to heal, I begin to love again, I begin to bring down the walls. I do all of this just in time for some asshole to post a video of some gruesome treatment towards a living animal on Facebook and my soul is wounded, crushed…assaulted. And I run down the spiral staircase deep within myself for protection once again.

I guess that’s it. It just sucks being a Pisces sometimes. When we’re our happy selves, we love to be out there spreading happiness and love. When we’re not, it’s just shit. I hope I didn’t make you think I’m in one of those dark places right now, on the contrary, I’m actually very happy. I woke up to seeing love being broadcast all over the planet with Harry and Meagan’s Royal Wedding. That’s like the Olympics for a Pisces! However this event made me very aware of the love that we’ve been missing as of late, and how very good it feels to see it again. Blessings to all, please don’t fuck up my day.




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