So Now I’m a Blogger

I love writing but I never thought myself as a blogger. Well not in Miami at least. I think South Florida is the last place you think about when blogging. It’s hot, humid, crowded and people are just plain rude. We’re not known for our museums, our things to do of which there’s two (Beach and The Everglades) or our culture (there’s too many too identify with a single one and they don’t exactly get along). Occasionally we do something great in sports and the country pays attention to us, but blogging? Yeah, no.

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Too Sensitive?

Can someone be too sensitive?

I’m often told that I’m too sensitive, that I take things too personally. Sometimes I wonder if this is an accurate statement or are the people making it total assholes and lack interpersonal skills? I’m also told that I’m extremely empathetic and excel at customer service. People come to me often with their problems and feel confident that I’ll be able to relate to their issues. Isn’t that a part of being sensitive? Isn’t that a good thing? When did being too sensitive turn into a negative trait or even a sign of weakness?

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