So Now I’m a Blogger

I love writing but I never thought myself as a blogger. Well not in Miami at least. I think South Florida is the last place you think about when blogging. It’s hot, humid, crowded and people are just plain rude. We’re not known for our museums, our things to do of which there’s two (Beach and The Everglades) or our culture (there’s too many too identify with a single one and they don’t exactly get along). Occasionally we do something great in sports and the country pays attention to us, but blogging? Yeah, no.

When I think of blogging I think of some place like San Francisco at night. I think of some cooler than cool guy with all sorts of connections in a turtle-neck, sitting in his Victorian Style home, a MAC Book perfectly placed in front of a gorgeous window overlooking the Castro. There’s a glass of some trendy red wine from Napa Valley, just picked up from the winery earlier that day, sitting readily next to him. He doesn’t even have to look while slowly reaching for it, his eyes locked intently at the soft glow from the high resolution monitor. He’s about to make some prolific / angry statement about society, politics or perhaps the latest foreign film he viewed the night before, and finally understood the complex plot. Now that’s blogging!

Alas I don’t even come close to that archetype (this guy I met online used that word once on the first date and I swore I’d never see him again). I only wish because San Francisco is my dream city, the best place in the United States I have ever visited. Nope, it’s just me and suddenly I’m writing….no “blogging” about things that seem to matter to me or I find interesting. I’m visualizing people reading this, and yeah, they have a glass of wine in their hands too which makes me wonder where my imagery is coming from. I think maybe I’ve watched “You’ve Got Mail” one too many times. In any case, this is what I’ve become. I think it’s kind of cool actually, even if no one reads what I have to say. It’s out there, in the “cloud,” and potentially for all time. Blogging is a way to have a voice, no matter how small or large the audience is.

Pretty darn cool. Even if I’m not wearing a turtle-neck in San Francisco.

Yet. 🙂



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