Who Am I?

It’s amazing how the Universe works. Sometimes you ask a question and then it responds, almost immediately, like some sort of divine messaging service.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken a moment to read my “More About The Geek” heading in this blog, but one of the statements I make is that I’m not sure exactly who I am. I just have so many interests and so many directions I feel I could take in my life. I wrote this only days ago as an introduction and explanation as to why I decided to create this blog

Well this morning in my email there was a message from Hay House Publishing. They send me lots of free sample videos since I follow one of their authors, Doreen Virtue. So the message subject read “Who do you think you are?” This got my attention immediately and I opened the email. Inside there was a video attached by this very cool lady by the name of Iyania Vanzant, a self-help expert asking the very same question. Who are you?

She gave this assignment, to write nine “I ams” which is a list of nine things that you are, having nothing to do with your profession. Just nine items that define you as an individual. She went on to say that so many people don’t know who they are and as a result, perform actions not consistent with their identity.

So let’s go for it. Let’s write down this list. Here’s mine:

  1. I am spiritual.
  2. I am kind.
  3. I am honest.
  4. I am smart.
  5. I am generous.
  6. I am light.
  7. I am dark.
  8. I am loving.
  9. I am aware.

That’s it. Those are my nine “I ams.” Didn’t take my long to do, but I paused at number 9. Iyania includes “I’m beautiful” as one of her items, but I didn’t want to seem shallow, so I paused for a moment. I also didn’t want to seem pious so I included number 7, the dark, because we all have a dark side. The Chinese knew the importance of acknowledging it to achieve balance.

I guess that’s it. That’s who I am at the moment. I don’t know what to make of it, but we’ll see what if any revelations it brings me. This was obviously a message I was meant to receive and benefit from.




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