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Ever since I was a child, I’ve known I was different.    I had a different way of looking at the world, at looking at people.  I loved animals and they trusted me for some reason, whether it be horses that were abandoned, roosters or stray cats.   I seemed to have this “sense” for things and when I was around ten years old I decided to look for my own religion where I could feel comfortable.    I filled out an ad in TV Guide and before long, Mormons were bicycling to my home every weekend to speak with me.    I finally summoned the courage and opened the door, and until this day I remember what was said to me.    “When you’re older and you have a better understanding of what religion you’d like to follow, we’ll be here for you.”   

Although I never became a Mormon, I researched the religion and found the different aspects truly fascinating.    I was fortunate enough to have a very open minded Greek Orthodox mother that didn’t care what I chose, as long as I was happy.    When I was 14 years of age, I walked in front of a huge Sunday Night congregation and told everyone I was ready to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior.    The next week I was baptized in water, submerged backwards in the tradition started millennia before… I thought I found my place.

Unfortunately Christianity and homosexuality don’t mix too well, and the religion I decided to follow combined with the people within it, fueled my desire to end my life.    I was 17 and lost as they come, not wanting to be a part of anything so looked down upon by so many… including myself.    However, with good therapy, a loving family and a strong faith despite my negative experience, I was able to conquer my “demons” and enter into adulthood fully accepting who I was.  A gay man.   I also began to notice that I resonated with so many different religions and practices!   I realized I was part Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and even Pagan (that’s where Christmas Trees come from by the way).

Unlike traditional Tarot, Angel Cards don’t have scary pictures.

Years had passed when my best friend died suddenly from a blood disorder called hemolytic anemia in 1999.  I was devastated from the loss of this amazing person I spent so much time with, and that had become so integrated into my family.  I was given a book by my sister to assist in the grieving process, and inside was an exercise to validate how influential your loved one had been.   By writing a letter to the person you lost, and then being able to answer as if it were them, the exercise was showing you exactly how much they would continue to live on within you… if anything else,  by their influence alone.    I began writing letters and became so convinced of their therapeutic properties, I continued by just typing on my computer since it was much faster.  Before long, the typing evolved into a conversation style writing, not unlike a chat window on AOL or Yahoo.    Something strange was beginning to happen but I didn’t truly realize it.

Eventually this writing exercise became extremely normal for me and I found that I wasn’t only getting answers from my friend, but from my “guides” as well.    I started typing to them and having conversations, and I felt this presence surrounding me while I did it.   I was convinced I was going crazy and this had to stop.   But how?   It was so loving and helpful with nothing but positive feedback that would get me through some pretty tough times.    It became a huge secret I kept  hidden from everyone else.

It wasn’t until over a decade later that I was watching a television interview with Teri and Linda Jaminson, “The Psychic Twins, that they spoke of something called automatic writing.  Holy shit, that’s exactly what I was doing!  I didn’t realize my secret was actually a “thing,” and that psychics had been doing it for centuries.    Suddenly I wasn’t ashamed anymore and I increased the frequency of my sessions, often getting amazing insight on life’s problems and challenges.    Even if it was all in my head, how cool was it that my imagination was actually helping me in such a positive way?

While all of this was happening, I had stumbled upon Angel Cards when my sister-in-law Ana gave my my first deck after a really bad breakup.  I was so depressed, and being very spiritual herself, Ana thought this deck of cards and their positive messages would help me out.   Well they did… immensely.   I soon began to realize that I wasn’t in any way alone, and I had this amazing team of Angels and guides helping me out in every aspect of my life.   How cool was that?!?!   

Almost two decades later and with a wealth of spiritual experiences under my belt, I’m ready to take my abilities public and leave yet another closet, my Spiritual one.   I started conducting online card readings using Periscope and that eventually transitioned to Facebook, and reading for people in select online communities.   I have been completely floored by the amazing feedback I’ve received and feel honored to have helped so many find peace and / or direction in their lives.    The positive messages of guidance and love from Angel Cards are an amazing way to confront issues and to validate that there’s always a team of special beings by your side.   

You truly are never ever alone.

If you would like to schedule a reading with me, please supply an email address I can use to schedule your reading and click on the PayPal button below to submit payment.  Readings are $45 US and lasts between 45 minutes and one hour.   I typically pull cards from multiple decks, relaying the messages and ideas I receive during the process.    Readings can take place over the phone, via Skype, or Facebook MessengerReadings are never a substitute for professional therapy or counseling. 

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