So This Is Podcasting

A little over a week ago, my friend and co-worker Nzinga told me he was listening to a podcast and thought I’d be really good at doing one myself.    He even took it a step further and said he had this “strong urge” to tell me.  Of course this pushed all my spiritual buttons about diving timing and law of attraction, so I just had to do it.   It’s not too far a reach from my other hobby, video production, so I’m pretty familiar with the editing, software, hardware, etc. associated with putting something like this together.   It was just a matter of slightly shifting my perspective.  Less than a week after the conversation, I was recording my first podcast, the energy behind the idea had gained so much momentum, I wanted to do it before I convinced myself it was a bad idea.    So I took the leap and didn’t look back… yet.

“Holy shit! What do I say?”

I’ve never really put too much thought into doing a podcast.   I’ve been on the radio a couple of times, doing promotional spots for a local bay cleanup event, but a podcast?  The weird thing is when Nzinga mentioned the idea, it just made a lot of sense.   I mean why not?    I already conquered one fear of mine and started blogging, I have a YouTube channel with a couple of videos, why not take the next step?  After all I really love to talk as many of my friends and co-workers have made a point of telling me.   I guess I’ve reached a point in my life where you realize you have to just go for it and see what happens, the worst outcome being that you fail.   At least you can always say you tried.   That actually ended up becoming the topic of my first episode, following your dreams and thinking positive. 

The most interesting thing about this experience, so far, is listening to myself over and over again during the editing process.   Since it’s generally unscripted, you find yourself critiquing the way you talk, the intonation in your voice and just about everything else.  I’m even wondering if I sound too gay!   What’s up with that?    And what does too gay sound like anyway?  Sometimes I find myself listening as if I’m someone else, and that sort of freaks me out, like an audible out of body experience of sorts.    Is that even a thing?

If things go as scheduled I’ll be publishing my podcast in just a few more days.   It will be available here under the “Podcast” tab that doesn’t exist yet.   While I’m super excited, there’s that part of me, that little voice in my head that says “you’re stupid for doing this”, that’s trying to gain a foothold.  I’m pretty confident I’m gonna win this battle and while it’s a little scary, perhaps a year from now I’ll be wondering why I didn’t do this sooner.  Let’s see where this journey takes me.

Break a leg Mike.

The Toxicity of Social Media

I’ve only been on Facebook for a short amount of time relative to most, a couple of months has gone by since I made the leap into this digital equivalent of humans in herds.  I administer content management systems at work (ECM), so the least thing I needed was a personalized version.   Then my blog came along and I gave into the temptation of having a platform to share my articles.   While during my first week on Facebook, I was amazed by this unified form of consciousness I seemed to be observing, I quickly became aware of a darker side to this mass method of communication.  Unlike social interactions in the flesh, people feel free to act or react in ways that they wouldn’t do so in public.  I used to teach an orientation class at work on cyber manners, back when this new thing called the Internet became a tool for business.   It was then that I was first introduced to the analogy of people acting the same way online, as they do in their cars, especially during incidents of road rage.  The comparison was made of someone getting in front of you in the movie line, to if they did the same action in their car while driving.   In the later example, you might scream and yell at the person, shoot them the bird and hold your hand down on the horn.    While if you acted the same way face to face, you’d probably scare the shit out of everyone around you and might even get arrested.

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