Tearing Your Bicep Off The Bone

Humans do really stupid things.  It really is a miracle that we’re all still here on this planet, going about our lives, raising families, when we must make at least ten stupid mistakes a day.     They can be really obvious at times, like people running red lights, texting while driving and parents not watching kids… all examples of the more traditional stupid choices the fully conscious and aware make on a regular basis.  Then there’s the unexpected, but fully preventable accidents which make TV shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos, such a hit.  You know, the program that gives us permission to laugh and take pleasure in the pain, suffering and embarrassment of others.  While an extremely successful concept for ABC, it does offer the viewer a chance to learn from someone else’s follies.   In this same spirit, I thought I’d share a mistake I made, which led to the very bizarre and painful experience of literally tearing my bicep muscle off the bone.  It’s really something you don’t want to try at home.

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