Angel Card Readings


Okay so I have this “thing” I do and I know it sounds crazy to some people but I’ve reached that age where I really don’t care.  I think there are far more bizarre activities going on in Miami, just check any set of railroad tracks after a full moon and you’ll see what I’m talking about.   Yeah the chicken actually never got to cross the road because her head was removed in sacrifice.  If you live here you know all about it and I’m sure many a chicken has been killed to get Marco Rubio into office.

What I’m talking about is much more laid back, not nearly as dark and I think almost Catholic (click here to send hate mail).    They’re called “Angel Cards” and are very similar to tarot cards but they don’t have scary pictures.    They work on the same principle of Universal Attraction as tarot cards do, which basically means you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and as Tricia Carr would say “your timing is perfect.”    To go a bit further with this concept, there are no coincidences and you’re seeing exactly the card that you’re meant to see.    And yeah, I believe in this and have actually been doing readings for 16 years or so.

Now I know what you’re going to say… well I can give my best guess… “That’s evil! You’re going to hell! Divination is of the Devil!”

Is it actually?

Christianity was founded on the birth of Jesus Christ and I know lots of people believe in him (as do I) and the story of the three wise men that foretold his coming through the star….  oh I’m sorry,    did I say foretold?  As in foretold the future?    Yes, the three wise men were not astronomers, that area of science is great with stars and how they work (nuclear fusion) but when talking about the birth of humans associated with its placement in the sky….. well that’s astrology.    And that’s what the “Magai” were.   Of course if it were that easy to convince anyone of a religious fact we wouldn’t be fighting wars in the Middle East.    So let’s just agree to disagree if this isn’t your thing.

However if you believe in Angels like I do, then that’s incredibly cool.   If you believe that we’re here for a mission, for a purpose and there’s an amazing team of beings present with you all the way, then you’re rocking my world.    Now you might be thinking…. “Wait, doesn’t the Geek With Muscles love science?”   Yes he does!   But to me that’s the most wonderful part of this.   In my view, the more complex the Universe is, the greater the creator.    Using Angel Cards for me is a great way to connect with my higher self, the Universe, God, what ever you want to call it.    And it works for me.    It’s okay if it doesn’t for you or you think I’m crazy.  You don’t have to live my life or deal with my choices.  Only I do.

I’ve recently started to give Angel Card Readings on Periscope and Facebook, the experience has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.    People from across the globe have expressed how comforted they are after receiving a reading from me.    Sometimes I surprise myself on how accurate and spot on they are.   If you’ve received a reading from me and would like to share your experience, please reply to this post.   I would so love to hear from you!  Please remember that comments are public.   If you’d like to contact me privately please fill out the form on the “Contact” menu.

The best part of Angel Cards is that there are no rules.    It just works, plain and simple.    It’s all about how the person interprets the message.    If you have something to add to the reading such as a feeling or emotion that comes along, then go for it!   It’s all about the message, nothing more.



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